Tribute to Fr. Pierre Babin

babinOn May 9, 2012, Fr. Pierre Babin, founder of CREC (1), died in Lyon. From all parts of the world, messages came from all those who had benefited from his tremendous contributions in two specific fields: the catechesis of adolescents and young people and how in a communication era, catechesis could respond to the new audiovisual culture.

On February 25th, during the SIGNIS World Congress (2) in Rome, a special tribute to Fr. Pierre Babin will be organized by the members of CREC.

Why during the SIGNIS Congress ?

During over thirty years, Fr. Pierre Babin trained christian communicators in the Centre he had build in Lyon (France). A large number of his students came from the Catholic media organizations OCIC (3) and Unda (4).  These associations merged, in 2001, to form SIGNIS.

Therefore it seemed appropriate to organize a special tribute to Fr. Pierre Babin in the presence of the participants at the SIGNIS Congress.

But all those, around the world, who have been trained by Fr. Pierre Babin will not be able to attend the SIGNIS Congress and to contribute by their presence to the celebration. This site is an opportunity offered to take “virtually” part in the event.

We invite you to post your comments on this site. Do it, if possible, before February 25th… or during the event (Rome time 21.00) so that we may be able to project your contribution “life” on a screen.

Access to the form to write your tribute to Fr. Pierre Babin.

Many thanks.

Looking forward to read your messages.

Robert Molhant
President of CREC


(1) CREC : the Centre for Research and Education in Communication
(2) SIGNIS : the World Catholic Association for Communication
(3) OCIC : International Catholic Organization for Cinema
(4) Unda : International Catholic Association for Radio and Television

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